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Access To Pasture Has Left
The USDA Building!

Welcome to NODPA’s August electronic newsletter, which we have been struggling to pull together all week (well Lisa and Chris had all their work done it was me that was struggling!), but there was obviously a reason we had to delay publication so that we could inform you all that (drum roll please) : The Access to Pasture rule has left the USDA Building!!!!

After many years the USDA have finished their review process and the proposed rule has been received by the Executive Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for their review. The rule is NOT judged to be economically significant, so we hope that the process is speedy (by federal standards anyway!). After review by the OMB it will head back to USDA for publication on the Federal Register with a 60-90 day comment period.

Our thanks to all those organization that have kept pushing with NODPA and FOOD Farmers for this to happen, with special mention to National Organic Coalition and Horizon Organic for working directly with NODPA and FOOD Farmers in numerous visits to all levels of USDA to encourage, explain and plead the necessity for the publication of this proposed rule. Our thanks to Under Secretary Bruce Knight and everyone at all levels of the USDA for their persistence, attention to detail and patience.

Time is running out to sponsor or support the NODPA Field Days, so please be in touch if you want to show your support for organic dairy producers, regardless of who they ship milk to. This event is important to dairy producers and an important fund-raiser for NODPA. For more information on sponsorship, click here.

Enjoy the weather. We can’t change it quickly, so we may as well enjoy it!

Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director

New On The Web Site This Month

Molasses Makes Milk and Money!
An Alternative to High-priced Grain
Karen Hoffman, Grazing Specialist and Nutritionist for USDA-NRCS/NY has been looking into the use, benefits,and economics of feeding Molasses as an alternative form of energy for dairy cows. Though organic molasses is quite costly, she is finding that this energy source, if fed right, can be cheaper than corn. MORE >

Strategies For Extending The Grazing Season
We are all hoping that the grazing season lasts at least another 80 days; the longer we can stall the need to start digging into our stored feeds the better. Dr. Heather Darby, UVM Extention has written a very useful article on extending the grazing season through stockpiling feed or planting fall annuals for grazing. Now is the time to put these plans into action. MORE >

The Latest East & Midwest Organic Grain & Hay Prices
Organic grain farmers are talking, but there's not much action yet: They are assessing the market but most don’t want to do anything yet as they are waiting to see what the crop will bring. There was some trading in new crop corn sales and some new crop spring wheat and hard red winter wheat sales, but no drop in prices. Availability will be the next big question. MORE >

Organics CAN Feed The World
Ever wondered what to say when people tell you "Organic is great but will never feed the world"? Check out six articles on the NODPA website that document how organics can in fact feed the world. We will add more as we receive them. (Thanks to Faye Jones at MOSES for helping us compile these articles.)

So You Want To Learn More About Organic Dairy?
Organic dairy has been growing rapidly over the past 10 years and with that, a number of educational opportunities have evolved. Karen Hills, Crop and Soil Technician at the University of Vermont has compiled a very nice summary of opportunities from degree programs, non-degree programs, and internships. Contact us at NODPA if you know of other opportunities that should be added to this list! Learn more >



NODPA Field Days
This Fall

Monday October 27th & Tuesday October 28th
Holiday Inn, Auburn/Fingerlakes, New York

The program is filling up, so save the date for this important annual event that will show you why you are being asked to survive low milk prices with high inputs and give you many options to fight back! Learn more >

August Events
Something for everyone this month, from no-till grain trials in Rodale to many pasture walks plus grazing schools and beautiful pastured pork!
Click here for details.

Recent ODairy Discussions
This was a busy month on ODairy; perhaps the weather that kept many of us out of the fields allowed for more discussion than usual for this busy time of year. Topics ranged from the benefits and consequences of "no-grain" feeding to dealing with pink eye. MORE >

Lots of new classifieds!
Animals for Sale: 2 certified organic Holstein cows, due August 18 and 24, in VT; 10 organic milk cows in VT; organic bred heifers due this fall, in VT; 7 cows in NY; 12 Berkshire piglets and 17 heifers, in North Central Arkansas. Help Wanted: Full-time employee at Applecheek Farm in VT. Grains and Forage for Sale: Certified organic grass/legume hay: 5x5 large round rolls. Certified organic hay, 2008 first crop. 4X4 certified organic baleage. Large, certified organic alfalfa round bales. Equipment: Unverferth 3 point hitch round bale wrapper. Allis K2 combine for sale. Looking for used bale wrapper. Real Estate: 58 acre farm and farm house in south central NY. Abetoir for sale in Ontario. Or, go to the classifieds home page. | email: