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NODPA E-NEWSLETTER | August 5, 2011

NODPA's 11th Annual
Field Days, September 29 & 30

Our NODPA Field Days Brochure is complete and should be arriving at your doorstep if you are on our mailing list. If you are not on our mailing list, you can also download a copy of the 2011 NODPA Field Days Brochure by going to the following webpage on our NODPA website:

This years Field Days will take place in Cooperstown, NY on Thursday and Friday, September 29 & 30, 2011. We hope that you can make it, as we have an incredible line-up of speakers and topics to cover, delicious local/organic food and a wonderful tradeshow where you will be able to visit with your peers and meet many of the businesses  and resource individuals that service the needs of organic dairy farmers.

  • Free Admission for organic and transitioning dairy producers
  • Free Banquet Dinner Thursday night for transitioning producers

To download the Brochure, click here >
To download the registration form, click here >
To go to our NODPA Field Days page for more information, including the full agenda and speakers, click here.

Can understanding and manipulating bidoversity help improve pasture and farm incomes, or even the ecological well-being or the entire landscape? Learn more about the value of plant species diversity by reading Diversity: A Grazier's Best Friend, Part II. To read the first article (Can Forage Mixtures Improve Productivity of Grazing Dairy Cows, Part I), click here.

Beneficial impacts of Terroir on Your Food - In the European food vernacular, there is a term called 'Terrior', essentially an agricultural description pertaining to the  bouquet of flavors in foods that originate from the soil .... Read more by clicking here >

Odairy listserv is always opinionated, informative, repetitive, friendly, insightful, and occasionally controversial. It’s free as a service from NODPA and if you aren’t signed up yet Liz Bawden, as always, has done an excellent job of cataloging the topics covered on Odairy for May and June. Read her latest Recent Odairy Discussions.

eOrganic is an online community of more than 600 farmers and ag service providers who are providing science, experience and regulation, based on a range of certified organic information on the web. One of the resources that eOrganic Dairy has been creating webinars on various  organic dairy topics that can be watched at any time; and it is FREE. Click here to learn more about the current webinars that are available for viewing.

15 dollar/bushel corn and none available? What is the fall going to bring as the commodity price starts to hit the price per ton for pelleted feed? What effect will the weather have on yields, harvesting and availability and what will quality of the product be for livestock feed? Our regular update using USDA AMS data which reflects the commodity market rather than individual contracts is available by clicking here >

-- Lisa McCrory, Newsletter & Web Editor


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