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NODPA E-NEWSLETTER | December 3, 2009

Scholten Family Farm: Weybridge, Vermont
Roger and Patty Scholten started organic production two and a half years ago, and are already producing delicious artisanal cheeses. Learn more >

There is no shortage of news on organic dairy as the year ends ...

The USDA Administrative Law Judge supported NOP’s revocation of one of the largest organic livestock and grain operations, Promiseland Livestock, LLC. The judge ruled that they would lose their organic certification for 4 years for failure to supply documentation to back up their organic certification. Click here to download the judgment. This test case brought by NOP supports their right to have access to information and data to verify the organic systems plan.

Promiseland was the subject of many complaints and allegations, including feeding non-organic feed to livestock, purchasing conventional grain, mislabeling and reselling it as an organic product, and misrepresentation of dairy replacement heifers as organically certified. Unless Promiseland appeals, their certification will be revoked by the end of the year. This is further proof that the system can work, albeit very slowly. With increased staffing, the new commitment from USDA and the support of key appointees, we look forward to enforcement of all the regulations in a timely manner.

The Access to Pasture Final Rule is weaving its way to publication on the Federal Register by the end of the year and the NOP is busy advertising for more staff. 

There is no light at the end of the tunnel yet for organic dairy producers who are struggling with contract issues as a result of Hood leaving the organic procurement market. Organic Valley has stepped up to the plate and will provide a continued market for those that have a current contract with Hood after January 1st 2010. Organic Valley’s Dairy Director, Jim Wedeberg, pledged to retain as many farms as possible as the new year unfolds. For those Hood producers whose contract ends before the end of the year, there are very limited opportunities for them to continue in organic production into 2010.

The real deal - certified organic milk is the Gold Standard in the Dairy Case. If you are an organic dairy producer in northern Maine and are part of MOOMilk, there is hope. Thanks to the  unique partnership of the Farm Bureau, State of Maine, Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA), milk processor Smiling Hill Farm, distributor Oakhurst Dairy and Hannaford supermarkets, there will be a continued market for their milk. Their success, and the success of all the organic dairy brands, relies on consumers making the choice to support them with their limited dollars in the face of plenty of other products in the dairy case.

The Federation of Organic Dairy Farmers (FOOD Farmers), the umbrella group for organic dairy producers across the country, is concerned about the misleading of consumers by labeling and packaging of dairy products. Today, more than ever, shoppers can visit the retail dairy case and find dairy products labeled with a variety of claims including: “certified organic”, “all natural”, “rBST-free”, “grass fed”, “naturally raised”, and “animal welfare friendly.” Consumers are inundated with labeling messages that are not backed by rigorous state and/or federal regulations. This threatens the livelihood of family farms and the future of the organic seal. The public wants food they can trust - that's why all food companies need to be careful about the claims they make especially when it comes to how food has been produced and how they represent product under household name brands. Click here to download FOOD Farmers press release.

Producer Handler rule, comment period ends December 21.On October 21st, 2009, USDA issued a recommended decision that, if it becomes rule, would require producer-handlers marketing more than 3 million pounds of fluid milk products each month to be subject to the same pooling and pricing provisions as fully regulated handlers in all Federal Milk Marketing Orders. Only producer-handlers marketing 3 million pounds of fluid milk or less each month would continue to be exempt. Currently, all producer-handlers are exempt. If this USDA recommended decision comes to fruition as rule, it has potential to have an impact on the organic dairy marketplace. For more information click here to download Kathie Arnolds article.

Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director

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UNH Welcomes Dr. André F. Brito. The University of New Hampshire has recently added a new staff person to their Organic Dairy Management Team. Learn more about him.

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