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NODPA E-NEWSLETTER | December 3, 2010
Fundraising time for NODPA

As we wrap up another calendar year, NODPA would like to thank all who have supported our work in the past. Your subscription to the print newsletter (NODPA News), your Memberships dues, advertising in the NODPA Newsletter and milk check-off contributions are all very important ways to make sure that NODPA is able to continue with it’s important work.

Over the past year, NODPA has been working hard: participating in discussions on supply management; compiling resources to help producers comply with the new pasture rule; we published the first interview with Mile McEvoy, head of NOP; and interviewed Richard Mathews after he left USDA.

NODPA represents producer’s interests no matter who they ship milk to. We work with the USDA NOP in Washington DC, meet and work with all processors, are a resource for the media when they need an independent producer opinion, and work with friends and allies in other non-profits to ensure they understand the challenges of organic farming.

The NODPA Newsletter and website are resources that many count on. Articles published in each NODPA News include production and research articles authored by some of our most dynamic industry leaders; a Feature Farm profile highlighting a farm family and their skills in managing their organic dairy; articles de-mystifying new NOP regulations, and regular classified, calendar, and opinion pieces. Once published, these often timeless articles can be found on the NODPA website in our Resources section, on our Pasture Rule page, our Feed & Grain prices page, or NODPA Industry News page. We also have a Business Directory page where you can learn more about the many businesses that support the organic dairy industry.

It is time to renew memberships, newsletter subscriptions, and advertising commitments. Please do your part and make your contribution today.

News, Stories & Research

ODairy – a resource provided
and maintained by NODPA

As usual, Liz Bawden, organic dairy producer and NODPA Representative, has eloquently and skillfully summarized the wonderful discussions that had been taking place on ODairy with her Recent ODairy Discussions article. All ODairy posts are archived and can be found or sorted by date, subject or author. Learn how to use the ODairy archives, or join ODairy by going here.

Organic Dairy Enterprise Budgets
Enterprise budgets can be used as an important decision tool for farm owners and managers. Dr Robert Tigner, Extension Educator at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, created a working spreadsheet for organic dairy producers and covers all its attributes in this article, which includes a link to the spreadsheet so that you can insert your own production numbers. MORE >

Research updates from
University of New Hampshire

The University of New Hampshire has been busy with two research studies completed and some current feed experiments investigating the effects of kelp meal on growth and body weight gain on calves. Find out more.

Economics of Organic Dairy Transition
Minnesota economists will study the economic costs associated with transitioning from traditional to organic farming through a new 4-year USDA grant. Learn more >


A Dairy Farm’s Environmental Footprint:
Evaluating the Impacts of Conventional and Organic Farming Systems. MORE >

OFRF To Compile Science
On Organic Farming Benefits

The Organic Farming Research Foundation today announced the launch of a sweeping research initiative to investigate the potential benefits of organic agriculture. The non-profit foundation recently hired a team to lead the inquiry and intends to release results in the spring of 2011. MORE >

Cost-Share Program for USDA
Certified Organic Producers and Handlers
“The USDA National Organic Program, in cooperation with state governments, administers a cost-share program for USDA certified organic producers and handlers. If you are a certified producer or handler, then you may be reimbursed for up to 75% of your costs for organic certification, such as inspection and user fees. You may receive one reimbursement per year for a new certificate or a renewal of certification, provided that the annual maximum reimbursement does not exceed $750 per certificate. This is a great opportunity for organic operators to offset the cost of certification. The program is not competitive - applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis until the money runs out. To apply, contact your state’s Department of Agriculture (or its equivalent) for an application. Click here for contact names, e-mails and phone numbers, or you can call Betsy Rakola, Grants Management Specialist at the National Organic Program: 202-720-3252.



Support NODPA

This is the time of year when folks look at gifts and giving, starting with family and friends. We would also like you to consider a donation to NODPA on top of your subscription, membership, advertising or sponsorship money. We run a ‘lean and mean’ organization at NODPA and all monies raised are used for programs, advocating for producers and as an informational resource for producers, media, organizations and consumers.

We have a very diverse income stream at NODPA and operate on the same margins that our members do, with the same cash flow at times. We thank the many of you that reply quickly when renewing subscriptions and business membership, plus those that choose to participate at the higher level of the check-off (very painless as the money comes to NODPA rather than faceless marketing campaigns). We thank our advertisers, especially those that pre-pay, for their support and we know that readers appreciate your ads. We also accept gifts of money, and for those of you that pay taxes J, our  partnership with CAIA enables us to accept a gift as a tax deductable donation. Please support NODPA with your very valuable dollars so we can continue our great work moving forward. Learn how you can support NODPA today.

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