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2009 NODPA Field Days in PA!

The Stoltzfoos clan welcomes you to the 2009 NODPA Field Days,
to be held on their farm.

Want to stay at home and wait for the next letter in the mail from your milk company as they devise more ways to make your life less stable and more difficult? Or prefer to take a couple of days to relax in the company of some great farmers and their families in the wonderful Lancaster County? The 2009 NODPA Field Days will be on August 13 and 14 at the Stoltzfoos family farm in Lancaster County PA, where you can learn, listen, eat well, visit with friends and colleagues and perhaps have a few rants.

While this is NODPA’s annual meeting, all are welcome to come to the Field Days and enjoy the locally produced food prepared by Roman’s sister and the educational program led by leaders in the organic community. For those of you that consume rather than produce organic milk, it’s a great chance to meet and support the farm families that work so hard to produce high quality organic milk. The only time when non-producers will be excluded will be at the producer meeting which happens after the dinner and annual meeting on Thursday August 13.

Registration is waived for producers and is a bargain at $30 for non-producers. The meals are a great deal at only $20 for dinners and $15 for both breakfast and lunch on Friday (we made a mistake in the brochure which says that attendees will be charged $15 each for breakfast and lunch, a total of $30).

For producers the total cost will be $35 and non producers only $70.

All the information on registration and Field Days Schedule can be found at

You can also register on-line. NODPA has a limited number of scholarships to assist producers with their travel, accommodation and registration expenses. Please call 413-772-0444 or email:  to apply.

Our Field Days keynote presenter is James Landis, who will conduct some very practical interactive workshops on the costs of producing a hundred pounds of milk and how to operate an efficient dairy. Raised on dairy farms in eastern Pennsylvania, Virginia and South Carolina, James Landis and his family have owned dairy farms in Georgia since 1968. Along with his son and 2 sons-in-law, James is currently milking 1200 cows on 4 different farms in Georgia, with three of their seven children having chosen to be involved in dairying.  James has worked extensively with Roman and Dwight Stoltzfoos and will share his knowledge and experience. James has written a great article entitled “Counting the costs that count on your Farm,” which can be found at:

Jerry Brunetti unfortunately has a conflict and cannot join us at the Field Days but he has written a great article entitled “Plant Biodiversity: Livestock Farmacy and Pantry” which highlights the need for the farm to be the primary source of input for food and medicine. We will be covering the topic of grazing hedgerows and the benefits of diversified pasture at the Field Days. To read Jerry’s article, please go to:

We all love Hue Karreman presentations and he will be joining us at the Field Days on a panel discussing “Practical and economical ways to keep your herd healthy” with Jeff Mattocks from Fertrell and Sarah Flack moderating while adding her own invaluable insights. Hue’s has made nearly 100 presentations across the US, Canada and Korea and as a leader in organic veterinary care he has advocated for preventive care and high animal welfare standards. Hue’s commitment has gone beyond his day job and he is in his fifth and final year of volunteer service on the NOSB where he has been a very active chair of the livestock Committee. As a prelude to his presentation at the Field Days, you can read his article “Lameness in organic dairy cattle” at:

Remember the time when you knew your pay price for the whole year?  Remember when you could compare what you are getting for your pay-price with your neighbors to be able to negotiate a better deal with your own processor? Those times are gone, at least for the next year, as we muddle though a market that has been hit by a recession and companies that only have the conventional market as a balancer. We all knew that the demand for organic milk could not continue to grow at the 20%+ it has over the last three years but the dramatic drop we have experienced this year is unprecedented and unpredictable. To shed some light on the situation we have an article that attempts to compare what the major companies are doing in this new market place:

Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director

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Noon Thursday August 13 5 pm Friday August 14th

Spring Wood Organic Farm, Kinzers, Pennsylvania

NODPA Field Days will return to Roman Stoltzfoos’ family farm for the 2009 Field Days. The first Field Days was held at Spring Wood Farm 9 years ago this August, and we are returning to walk the fields again, with the always interesting commentary of Roman and his family.
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Two certified organic Milking Shorthorn x Jersey heifers, born 4/23/08 and 3/17/08-- daughter and grand-daughter of our best milker. Also for sale, organic Dutch Belted x Jersey, born 5/5/07. 100% grass fed. | 11 heifers, 3 dry cows, 5 milkers, 2 steers. yearling to bred heifers, milkers 35-60 lbs, SCC less than 200,000 DHIA records available. Steers 10-18 months. Need to downsize. | Organic grass based dairy herd for sale. Jerseys and Jersey crosses. This herd includes bred heifers, yearlings, calves, milking cows, cows due to calve this summer and some fall calving cows. All are certified organic by VOF (Vermont Organic Farmers).
Other: Semi-retired nurse/farmer seeks partner for small organic vegetable/flower/herb farm.
Land For Sale: 297 acre NICS certified organic dairy farm. 62 free stalls, single 8 parlor with OTO, two machine sheds (one built this year), TMR, manure structure, rotational grazing paddocks, four silos, 2 story house with 5 bedrooms. Creek through property. Comes with a full line of equipment and cattle. Farm has received numerous milk quality awards and received the 2006 Water Quality Leadership Award for Eau Claire County, WI.
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Services: KOW ASSOCIATE specializing in rotational grazing and organic dairy consultation, over 15 years of grazing and organic dairy farming experience, willing to work with farmers in DE, PA, MD, NJ, and NY. | email: