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Welcome to the July 2008
NODPA News email newsletter

July is here and the Farm Bill is passed, but where is the access to pasture rule? Perhaps in September they'll tell us.

The July issue of the NODPA News will be in the mail this week, full of great articles, informed comment and plenty of ideas.

All the regular columns, including “From the NODPA President” and “From the NODPA Desk”, Organic Milk Sought, plus articles on Europeans & Pay Price; Promiseland Suspension; Northeast Organic Beef; Grass fed Methane; Organic Summit Report; Energy Independent Farms; Vaccination of Livestock; Year Round Grazing in NE; featured farm; Odairy summary and Henry Perkins commentary on the state of organic dairy. If you don’t yet receive a NODPA News in the mail, go to and join over 2,000 informed folks that receive a hard copy 6 times a year or ask for a downloaded copy.

New On The Web Site This Month

Betsy, the organic cow is asking “Do you know a processor that will pay a base price of $35 per cwt?” Go to the NODPA web site to read more about NODPA’s request for  a living wage for organic dairy farm families and a temporary moratorium on transitioning livestock farms to organic.

Price and availability of Corn and Forage –How should producers prepare for the Fall?

So, what is affecting price and availability? In general, people are assuming that tonnage of grain will be short this year and much of the corn that is for sale is, in a sense, being set aside to wait and see. Other factors affecting price include speculators and Hedge Fund investors who are joining the commodity market as they exploit the uncertainty and short fall in supply against rising markets.
Read Lisa McCrory’s article
analyzing the situation.

Desperation Acres: A Haven of Sustainability
3rd Generation Farmers Bruce & Mari Drinkman of Desperation Acres, a farm in Western Wisconsin, are in their 3rd year of organic certification, and have always farmed sustainably. Read their story both in the NODPA News and on the web site.


The Price of Feed
July 3, 2008: Analysis, data and some advice from Ohio State University on replanting after the flood, plus the latest numbers on East and Midwest grain and hay prices, and a chart showing cost changes over time. MORE >




July Events
Something for everyone this month, from no-till grain trials in Rodale to many pasture walks plus grazing schools and beautiful pastured pork!
Click here for details.

NODPA Field Days:
Save the DATE!

NODPA’s 8th Annual Field Days Event and Annual Producer Meeting
Monday October 27th & Tuesday October 28th
Holiday Inn, Auburn/
Fingerlakes, New York.

Visit Mary-Howell and Klaas Marten’s farm and much more.

Lots of new classifieds!
Animals for Sale: 2 certified organic Holstein cows, due August 18 and 24, in VT; 10 organic milk cows in VT; organic bred heifers due this fall, in VT; 7 cows in NY; 12 Berkshire piglets and 17 heifers, in North Central Arkansas. Help Wanted: Full-time employee at Applecheek Farm in VT. Grains and Forage for Sale: Certified organic hay, 2008 first crop. 4X4 certified organic baleage. Large, certified organic alfalfa round bales. Equipment: Unverferth 3 point hitch round bale wrapper. Allis K2 combine for sale. Looking for used bale wrapper. Real Estate: 58 acre farm and farm house in south central NY. Abetoir for sale in Ontario. Or, go to the classifieds home page.

Recent ODairy Discussions
Will consumers change (or not change) their purchasing decisions in the marketplace driven by the tightening economy? Is there any research that would support that transition to organic production does not necessarily mean a drop in milk production? Plus, lots of tidbits and advice: bull calves become sexually active at 7-8 months of age, and how to stop diarrhea. Summarized by NODPA Board Secretary Liz Bawden. MORE > | email: