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NODPA E-NEWSLETTER | November 11, 2009
An nterview with NOP Deputy Administrator Miles McEvoy, a new organic milk company start-up, a surprising new partnership ... and much more.

The November NODPA News has just gone to the printers packed, as usual, with important organic dairy industry news, educational organic production pieces, research updates and more.  We want to thank Miles McEvoy, our newly appointed Deputy Administrator for the National Organic Program for taking some time out of his incredibly busy work week to be interviewed by NODPA.  In the interview, you will find that  Miles is very qualified, bringing over 20 years of experience in organic production and certification. His plans for the coming year, which was presented with incredible detail at the National Organic Standards Board Meeting on November 3, 2009, are very encouraging and we look forward to working with him and helping him achieve his ambitious goals (Click here to download Mr. McEvoy’s power point presentation).
Some very encouraging news is that Maine’s Own Organic Milk Company (MOOMilkCo) will be up and running by the end of November! Earlier this year ten organic dairy farms were dropped by HP Hood and were soon to be without a market for their organic milk. The story behind the creation of the MOOMIlkCo includes the valiant, creative and collaborative efforts between the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA) and the Maine Farm Bureau, with support from the Maine Department of Agriculture.
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The recent partnership between Stonyfield Farm and Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative [click here for full article] has stirred up a lot of conversations on ODAIRY, and at producer meetings. Spirits are high as there are many producers who are now reassured that they will continue to have a market for their organic milk. We applaud Stonyfield Farm, Organic Valley and HP Hood for their efforts in making this happen.  We cannot forget, however, that there are many HP Hood producers whose contracts will be ending before January 1, 2010 and will be without a market for their milk.
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Lisa McCrory, NODPA News and Web Editor

News, Stories & Events

A Summary of the National Organic Standards Board Meeting Nov. 3-5, 2009

Recently appointed Program administrator, Miles McEvoy, gave a very thorough analysis of where the Program is and what the goals are for the future. (You can view his powerpoint from the NOSB meeting by clicking here.) In addition, there was a thorough discussion of the Animal Welfare Recommendations from NOSB's Livestock Committee. (To read the recommendations in full, click here.) For a full summary of the event by NODPA Executive Director Ed Maltby, click here.

Johnes Disease

With cows leaving pasture and coming in to a more confined lifestyle for the winter, Dr. Hubert Karreman has provided us with an excellent article on Johnes disease. (Cow at right with the bottle jaw typical of Johnes.)
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More Than A One-Horse Hitch Is Needed
To Get Us Out Of This Mess

So, how can we continue to build the market demand for organic dairy products? According to Peter Hardin (The Milkweed), this effort goes beyond organic dairy; the dairy industry as a whole needs to be addressed and there are 4 key areas that need to be addressed. Read more >

WODPA Fall Conference Highlights

The WODPA Field days took place October 13 & 14 in Twin Falls, Idaho. NODPA Board Member Liz Bawden was able to attend and provided a wonderful summary of the two-day event.
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Odairy Update

Recent discussions on the ODAIRY listserv have been lively, covering cropping, soil nutrition, and animal health. Liz Bawden has a real gift for summarizing the key points each month and we invite you to read her piece.

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