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NODPA E-NEWSLETTER | November 17, 2014

Feature Farm: Hamilton Heights & Emerald Valley Dairy Farms - South Central PA

 “Wealth and production are two different things – our focus is on wealth; we milk acres, not cows”, says Cliff Hawbaker. He and his wife Maggie own and operate two organic, no-grain dairy farms in South Central Pennsylvania. The home dairy, Hamilton Heights Dairy Farm in Franklin County, has been in Cliff’s family for 6 generations. The Emerald Valley Farm, in Cumberland County, was purchased in 2005 and is currently being managed by Cliff’s nephew, Daniel Lehman. They farm just over 800 acres of which 126 acres are rented and 674 are owned. Crops grown include 270 acres of corn silage (under contract) and 625 acres of mixed grass hay and pasture. For more on the Farm:


Upbeat NOSB Meeting in Kentucky

Dr. Jean Richardson, Chair NOSB:
The NOSB meeting was held in Louisville Kentucky from October 27-30. It was an upbeat meeting where everyone seemed to feel that their issues were heard and discussed on the record. 
Since the April meeting the NOSB has worked quietly to strengthen the public role again and improve collaboration with the NOP.  Here are my Opening Comments:


Regional Round-up from
Organic Dairy Producers

The NODPA state reps and Board have regular conference calls to discuss the direction of NODPA and issues affecting organic dairy. During these calls producers exchange information about what is happening in their region. Producers at the recent NODPA Field Days suggested that we develop that exchange of information into a regular column in the NODPA News. We welcome any updates or views from producers and the date for sending regional updates to Ed Maltby ( or Nora Owens ( ) for the next NODPA News is December 20, 2014. To read this month’s regional update please go to:


Pay, retail and feed price
for November 2014

In the Northeast, competition for milk supply is increasing, with expansion plans by established and new processors who are looking for more producers in certain geographic areas. There are reports that supermarket shelves are empty and/or under supplied. With the current high costs of inputs causing some drop in production, some reduction in herd size because of a high cull beef price, and producers leaving organic production, the supply of organic milk is not increasing enough to satisfy the increase in demand. Producers have changed production practices and economized on inputs and the only way to increase supply is to increase the base pay price to give producers’ confidence in long term profitability. With an average growth rate of 7-8% a year in fluid sales and increasing demand for organic dairy in manufactured products, now would be the time for organic buyers to schedule higher base pay prices for the next few years as, with higher profits for conventional producers, it makes it easier to transition to organic production as the cost of transition would be less than it has been. To read more and see the charts showing the trends over the last 6 years:


Odairy Live! Ask the Vets: Q & A

A NODPA Field Days Panel with Dr. Hubert Karreman and Dr. Cynthia Lankenau moderated by NODPA President Liz Bawden.
This workshop session at the NODPA Field Days was very educational so we thought we’d print a summary from notes taken by Lisa McCrory. To read the article, please go to:


NODPA 14 Annual Field Days and Annual Meeting

To read a full article on the very successful 2014 Field Days complete with photos please go to:


Lisa McCrory leaving her position as NODPA’s Newsletter and Website Editor

Lisa McCrory has been a part of NODPA since its founding meeting in 2001 and through her work with NOFA VT was the NODPA coordinator for the next 3 years. She has continued working for NODPA as a newsletter and website editor for the last 10 years as the publications grew in quality and appeal. She has decided to stop working for NODPA as of November 15 but will continue to be involved as a producer member, continuing to share her knowledge and skills with the organic dairy community. Her work and dedication will be missed by us all as she has been a valued and skilled colleague helping NODPA grow in influence and as a resource for organic dairy farm families and the organic community. Her work and contribution was honored at the 2014 Field Days and to read her parting words please go to:


-- Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director  


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Feed and Pay Price Update

In the Northeast, competition for milk supply is increasing, with expansion plans by established and new processors who are looking for more producers in certain geographic areas. There are reports that supermarket shelves are empty and/or under supplied.

For more:


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