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FIVE WAYS You Can Support NODPA Now

NODPA's Mission:

“To enable organic family dairy farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole and to do so in an independent, farmer-driven mode.”

NODPA is the largest grass roots organization of organic dairy producers and has remained true to its original goal of advocating for a sustainable pay price and protecting the integrity of the USDA Organic regulations. NODPA provides a website and print newsletter that is filled with resources including technical articles, up to date industry news and much more. These resources have become a place where the media can capture the producer’s point of view and an essential source of information reporting on how family farms are being affected by dramatic changes in the demand for organic dairy products.

NODPA is funded through membership contributions, newsletter subscriptions, advertising and grants. Please consider making a contribution to NODPA today. Here are five ways you can support NODPA’s valuable work:

1) Make a Tax-Deductible Contribution.

You can make a donation to NODPA by downloading our donation form, or you can make a secure online donation by clicking here.

2) Become a NODPA Member

If you are an organic dairy farmer, NODPA will represent your interests both in Washington and with buyers. NODPA will provide you with critical news, information, education, events and networking opportunities. If you are an individual or organization interested in supporting organic dairy farmers, NODPA will keep you informed through print and email newsletters, web updates and events about the news and issues facing dairy farmers in the East.

There are a few different ways that you can become a NODPA member:

A) DAIRY PRODUCER, VOLUNTARY CHECK-OFF: If you want to support NODPA and its work on behalf of dairy farmers without the hassle of annual membership renewals, you'll want to select this option. To learn more about what you'll get for your support, click here.

B) DAIRY PRODUCER, NO CHECK-OFF: All organic dairy farmers in the East are eligible to become voting members of NODPA. NODPA accepts membership contributions at any level. No contribution is too small.

C) ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership is open to any organization, group or individual that does not produce organic milk but supports NODPA’s mission.

D) BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP: Businesses interested in keeping organic dairy farmers strong and viable should select this membership option. Benefits of business membership include discounts on advertising in NODPA News, free placement in NODPA's Online Business Directory and more.

E) Annual Subscription to NODPA News. For $40 a year you can have 6 copies of NODPA news mailed to your home every other month. If you join NODPA as a member above, and your annual donation or membership dues are over $40, you will automatically have a annual subscription to NODPA news. The NODPA News is full of many articles, opinions, facts and even gossip about organic dairying, livestock production, soil care and the politics of the organic community.

3) Advertise in the NODPA News Print newsletter

The NODPA News is a publication of the Northeast Organic Dairy Producers Alliance. It is published bi-monthly (January, March, May, July, September and November) and goes out to over 2500 subscribing members with a high concentration in the Northeast and upper Midwest. The Newsletter is also distributed at many conferences and educational events throughout the year. Included in each issue are articles covering current events, animal health & husbandry, crops, soils, grazing management and the National Organic Program. Subscribers to the NODPA News are organic and transitioning producers, resource individuals, businesses serving the needs of the organic dairy producer and consumers wanting to learn more about (and support!) the food that they eat. (Click here to learn more about advertising in NODPA News.)

4) Advertise on NODPA’s Website

NODPA is offering three web ad spaces, available each month on a first serve basis. They'll appear on the top of the NODPA home page--and on nine other heavily visited pages on the NODPA website. The size of the ads are 275 pixels wide by 75 pixels tall.The ads will be displayed on the 10 pages of the web site which receive the most traffic. There are around 3,000 visits to the NODPA site each month, and there are between 2.5 and 3 pages per visit. Click here to learn more about web advertising.

5) Advertise on NODPA’s ODAIRY List serv

NODPA is pleased to offer advertising on the ODAIRY discussion list. The ODAIRY discussion list is a great resource for producers and industry people covering topics that include current industry news, animal health, crops, grazing management, certification, action alerts, calendar events, job listing, and livestock & feed for sale. The ODAIRY discussion list consists of over 500 members… and growing! Click here to learn more about Odairy advertising.


NODPA, 30 Keets Rd, Deerfield, MA 01342 FAX: 866- 554-9483 PHONE: 413 772 0444