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Organic Production

Ask the Vet Column: Have You Heard of the Asian Longhorn Tick? What You Should Know About Ticks and Cattle

Dr. Elizabeth Martens, DVM Valleywide Veterinary Services, Bridport, VT

Challenges and take-aways from summer cocktails for pasture

By Doug Hartkopf, Hart-to-Hart Farm with contributions from Carissa Stein and Sarah Flack

Managing Soil Fertility and Other Lessons Learned on Grass-fed Dairies

By Sara Ziegler, Heather Darby, and Sarah Flack

Combatting Lameness in a Grazing Herd

Reprinted with permission from Brad Heins, West Central Research and Outreach Center, Morris, MN

Ask the Vet, July, 2023

By Dayna Locitzer, DVM

Organically Enhancing Land with Multi-use Crops

By Tamara Scully, NODPA Contributing Writer

Working with Mother Nature... Heifer Maturity Matters

Dan Leiterman, President and CEO, Crystal Creek **Article reprinted with permission

Ask the Vet: Question & Answer Session a Field Days Session Summary

By Tamara Scully, NODPA News contributing writer

Best Nutrition Strategies During Times of High Grain and Input Costs

By Bill Kipp, Nutritionist and Dairy Consultant, Middlebury, VT, Heather Darby, UVM Extension, Sara Ziegler, UVM Extension

Assessing PFAS Contamination on Dairy Farms in Maine

By Rick Kersbergen, Extension Professor, U of Maine Cooperative Extension, Sustainable Dairy and Forage Systems This article is reprinted with permission

Genetic Diversity of the Jersey Breed

By Brad Heins, Associate Professor, Dairy Management, West Central ROC, University of MN This article first appeared in the March 2022 issue of News from the WROC, and is reprinted here with permission.

Dairy Grazing Survey: We Need Your Input

Dear Organic Dairy Producer,

Can Seaweed Cut Methane Emissions on Dairy Farms?

By Diane Nelson--article reprinted with permission from UC Davis

PFAs and Agriculture: What It Means

By Tamara Scully, NODPA News contributing writer

Soil Farming

By Tamara Scully, NODPA News Contributing Writer

Value-Added Cow Genetics: Taking a look at A2/A2

By Tamara Scully, NODPA News Contributing Writer

Combating Invasive Weeds in Organic Dairy Pastures

By Tamara Scully, NODPA Contributing Writer

OSHA Assists in Identifying and Managing Dairy Farm Hazards

By Nick Donofrio, CAS – OSHA Region 2, New York State

Companion Grasses for Forage Legumes

By Allen Wilder, Forage Agronomist, the William H. Miner Agricultural Research Institute, Chazy, NY and Sid Bosworth, Forage Agronomist, retired, University of Vermont Extension

Managing Forage Legumes for Improved Productivity and Persistence

Rich Smith and Nick Warren University of New Hampshire, Department of Natural Resources and the Environment

The Key Role of Forage Legumes in Organic Dairy Diets: Effects on Your Bottom Line

By Andre F. Brito, Maichel J. Lange, and Luiz H. P. Silva; University of New Hampshire, Department of Agriculture, Nutrition, and Food Systems 

Soil Fertility Expert weighs Costs, Benefits of Liming Low pH Soils

By MATTHEW WEAVER Capital Press This article, reprinted by permission, first appeared in the Capital Press, March 31, 2020

Keeping Kelp in Front of Cows on Grass

By Brittany Olson, Reprinted with permission from Progressive Dairyman, March 18, 2019

Out-Wintering the Dairy Herd

By Brad Heins, Associate Professor of Dairy Science, West Central Research and Outreach Center, University of Minnesota, Morris, MN

So You Want To Learn More About Organic Dairy?

By Karen Hills, Crop and Soil Technician, University of Vermont Extension

Thinking Outside The Fence

Organic Dairy Looks to Robotic Milker to Increase Family Time


Weeds or Forbs?

An Interview with Neal Kinsey

By Sonja Heyck-Merlin


A Successful Approach to Putting the Focus in the Barn Design and Management on the Cow

Anatomy of a Rare Drought

Insights from New York Farmers

Breeding Considerations

For Organic Dairy Farms


Management of Perrenial Pastures in the Summer

Cow Comfort

The Big Picture

Book Review: A Holistic Vet’s Prescription for a Healthy Herd

A Holistic Vet’s Prescription for a Healthy Herd

Preparing for Spring

A Pre-Turnout Checklist

Dr. Hubert Karreman Presents

A series of classes on bovine health

On The Road Again: Five Danes in a Van

Danes Tour Northeast Organic Farms

Environment and Behavior

Biodiversity and Cattle Well-being

Preventive Practices To Maintain Animal Health

An interview with Dr. Cynthia Lankenau

Dual purpose Fleckvieh

A consideration for organic dairies

Johne’s Disease

Thoughts & Case Histories

Cover Crops as Forage Crops

A Look at Winter Rye and Triticale


Trees, bushes, crops and intensive grazing


The Quiet Thief

Filler Forage

Extending the Grazing Season

Vaccination of Organic Livestock

Goals and strategies for a first rate vaccination program

Producing your Own Open Pollinated Corn Seed

Homegrown Strategies for Dealing with the Onslaught of GMO Corn

The Beneficial Impacts of TERROIR on your Food

Enhancing the flavor and quality of the food you produce by paying attention to the biology and diversity on your farm.

Farmers Helping Farmers - Across the Waters

Tracing organic kelp back to an island farm harvester

Much Ado About Worms

internal livestock parasite control on an organic farm

Pasture Rule Training March 24, 2010

A highlight of questions asked, the responses, and further ruminations on the NODPA-Odairy discussion list


A Look at the Newly Released Organic Pasture Rule

Udder Health and Milk Quality on Organic Dairy Farms

Vets gather, learn and share information

Diet Selection & Grazing Behavior

Production Resources | Forages & Grains

Plant Biodiversity

Livestock Farmacy and Pantry

Puzzled By PI Spikes?

Production Resources | Animal Health

What’s the Value of High Quality Forage?

Production Resources | Forage

Managing Cereal Grains for Forage

Production Resources | Forages & Grains

Nutritional Wisdom of the Body

Behavior-Based Management for Animal Well-Being


“It’s all about internal mineral balance!”

Raising Calves The Old, Modern Way

Learning from the “old” as we go into the future

Dehorning Dairy Cattle With Genetics?

Looking at the economic advantages with polled dairy cattle??

Vaccination of Organic Livestock

Goals and strategies for a first rate vaccination program

Maximizing Milk On Homegrown Forages And Grains

Production Resources | Forages & Grains

Choosing Grassfed

By Jo Robinson

Butterfat & Pasture

By Bill Casey