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North American Kelp

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Our organic SeaLife Kelp Meal for Animals is a rich and dependable source of minerals and elements including iodine, amino acids, and vitamins (including A, C, B12, thiamin, and vitamin E or tocopherol). Many of the trace minerals contained in SeaLife are essential for producing enzymes which in turn promote healthy body functions. At the recommended feeding rates SeaLife is highly economical to use – one to two percent of the feed ration translates to pennies per day. We’ve been your trusted source for responsibly and sustainably harvested kelp products for 50 years. We produce high quality meals, powders, and liquid fertilizers in the Midcoast region of Maine. All of our kelp is harvested in the cold, clean waters of Maine by local harvesters and processed immediately in our Waldoboro facility. The short time between harvest and processing means that our products will maintain their integrity and freshness for longer. OMRI, MOFGA, and USDA Organic certified. Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions, comments, or concerns. Our team is available to assist with inquiries and orders.