cows in field

Recent Odairy Discussions, July 2015

“A farmer asked the group for some suggestions about a 6-year old cow he called a “hard keeper’. She is thin, has a rough hair coat, and has had loose, dark manure all her life. The farmer has tested her for Johnes’ disease and worms.”
“One producer had shipping fever trouble. New cows were brought into a herd, and one cow died from pneumonia within 10 days. The producer asked what course of action to take to prevent more illness.”
“Looking for suggestions for an electric fence energizer, a farmer asked the group for suggestions. Two producers highly recommended the Cyclops fencers; another recommended the Stafix 15 joule fencer.”
“An udder sore appeared between the front quarters of a fresh cow. The farmer asked what the best course of treatment would be.”
“A farmer with triticale fields asked why about 10% of the grain head stems are a foot or so taller than the rest.”
These are all questions that were posted on the ODairy list serve over the last couple of months.