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Parting Words from NODPA’s News & Website Editor

Added November 13, 2014. It seems like almost yesterday - I remember sitting in a room with over 30 producers and resource individuals - many who proved to be very influential in the coming years. It was February 16, 2001 and organic dairy farmers from around the Northeast gathered in Waterbury, VT to talk about issues pertaining to the growing organic dairy industry. It was the Summit Meeting from which NODPA was formed. Of course, the major driving force behind this desire to meet was – you guessed it – milk price.

As the Coordinator for NOFA Vermont’s Dairy Technical Assistance Program, I helped organize the summit meeting and was elected (or perhaps I volunteered) to be the Coordinator for this new organization. In 2004 I gave up my NODPA Coordinator role so that I could have more time to start a family and a farm. I maintained my position as the Newsletter and Website Editor as a part time position; I am so glad that I did.

Over the years since that unforgettable February day, I have:

  • Met and become close friends with many of you,
  • Helped create the print NODPA News and NODPA’s website – rich with a library of archived articles, Industry News, Feed and Pay Price, the Odairy List-serv, and other resources,
  • Seen children of some of the first certified organic dairy farms take over the farm or become partners with their parents,
  • Been an active participant, working for and with an organization that stands up for the needs of organic dairy producers far and wide.

I have learned so much over the years about what it means to be a thoughtful, purposeful and caring farm steward. I have learned the importance of clear communication and being respectful of other peoples’ sides to complicated issues. I have learned to stand up for things that are important to me, and have experienced the power of the democratic process.
This letter (yes, I am finally getting to it) is to let you know that I will be leaving my position as NODPA’s Newsletter and Website Editor. Though I will no longer be a paid staff person for NODPA, I plan to stay involved with NODPA as a producer member. After all, we do have two organic dairy cows!

Our diversified organic farm is getting larger in scope, our children are growing up, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of spending more time with my kids while we dive into exciting adventures on our farm, tending to our livestock, managing our pastures and gardens, and – essentially - ‘living the dream’.

I will miss my work as NODPA’s Newsletter and Website Editor, but know that it is being left in excellent hands. Thank you for the wonderful ride, and I look forward to seeing many of you at future NODPA Field Days events.

Lisa McCrory

Lisa McCrory has been a part of NODPA since its founding meeting in 2001 and through her work with NOFA VT was the NODPA coordinator for the next 3 years. She has continued working for NODPA as a newsletter and website editor for the last 10 years as the publications grew in quality and appeal. She has decided to stop working for NODPA as of November 15 but will continue to be involved as a producer member, continuing to share her knowledge and skills with the organic dairy community. Her work and dedication will be missed by us all as she has been a valued and skilled colleague helping NODPA grow in influence and as a resource for organic dairy farm families and the organic community. Her work and contribution was honored at the 2014 Field Days.