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Feed Price Summary June 2012

Added June 4, 2012.

Corn Price Update June 1st 2012
National Organic Grain and Feedstuffs Report

Information provided by the USDA livestock and Grain Market News who have combined their reporting into one national report.

May 25, 2012
National organic grain and feedstuffs are trading slightly higher than May with a firm undertone noted on corn and soybeans. Offerings of grain are light with the onset of fresh grass and many farmers busy planting, more focus is currently on planting progression and simply maintaining milk and egg production until harvest rather than increasing production.
Feed grade Wheat was sharply higher this period with the price increase seen on grain originating mostly in the Northern Plains.

Supplies of corn and beans continue to dwindle, and interest in alternative feed grains remains very high. Supplies of domestic barley and peas are reportedly minimal at best, leaving the only Canadian product to be utilized, which is also said to be minimal.

Fair/good alfalfa hay in the North Inter-Mountain area of California is currently 200.00/ton, while good quality alfalfa hay in the Sacramento Valley is reportedly 237.00/ton this period.

Prices negotiated spot market, FOB the farm. Prices quoted $/bushel, except soybean meal ($/ton and FOB the mill) and roasted soybeans, $/ton. Hay reported FOB the stack or barn unless otherwise noted. Soybean oil, sunflowers, spelt, cents/lb.

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Courtesy of Bob Parsons, University of Vermont

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