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Meet Your NODPA Board Members!

NODPA would like to present to its readers the inner workings of this fantastic organization. Only organic dairy farmers can be members and the members elect the Board of Directors who control the priorities and direction of the organization, hiring and firing its Executive Director.
NODPA members are continuously contributing their thoughts and opinions informally and formally through State Representatives and Board members. The Board and State Representatives guide NODPA and make sure that it is staying true it’s mission of “enabling organic dairy family farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole.” They spend countless hours on conference calls, usually after 8:00 pm; they contribute financially through the NODPA check-off program; they attend Field Days and other events to represent and promote NODPA and organic dairy farmers; they work on editing position papers, articles and press releases; they travel to meet with processors to advocate for a higher pay price and better contractual conditions and they provide support for NODPA staff.

We have decided to introduce you to the Board of Directors for this issue and for the March issue we will introduce you to the other representatives and committee members. To see the complete list, please go to page 2 of any NODPA News publication.

Board Members

Liz Bawden (NODPA Board President, NY): Liz farms in Hammond, New York, and has been organic since 2000 and involved with NODPA since 2002. She milks 50 Holstein and Brown Swiss cows with her husband Brian and son Nathan. Their milk is currently marketed to Horizon Organic.

Dave Johnson (NODPA Board Vice President, PA): farms in Liberty, Pennsylvania and has been involved with NODPA since 2003. David’s farm has been certified organic since 2001. He recently sold his dairy herd, but used to milk a seasonal herd of 50 cows and shipped his milk to Organic Valley.

Steve Morrison (NODPA Board Secretary and Policy Committee Chair): farms in Charleston, Maine with his partner Sonja and has been involved with NODPA since its inception (February, 2001). His farm has been certified since 1997. Steve and Sonja milk about 50 Jerseys and ship to Organic Valley, and will soon be joining MooMilk.

George Wright (NODPA Board Treasurer, NY): George and Linda Wright farm in Russell N.Y. about thirty miles from the Canadian border. “It’s not the end of the world, but you can see it from here!” says George. The Wrights have been milking about 60 cows at their current location since 1995. They became certified organic in the fall of 2000 and have always shipped to Horizon Organic.

Steve Kimball (NODPA Board, NY): Steve farms in Falconer, NY, and has shipped organic milk since 2006 and has been involved with NODPA since then. He and his wife Cathy have 5 children. He currently has 6 employees (3 full time and 3 part time) and attempts to produce his grain as well as forage for about 170 cows and 170 youngstock. His milk is marketed through Upstate-Niagara and currently is mostly Wegmans organic dairy products.

Steve Russell (NODPA Board, ME): farms in Winslow, ME and has been involved with NODPA since 2001. He was certified organic in 1989 for vegetables and in 1997 for dairy. Steve milks about 50 cows, mostly Jerseys with some Ayrshires and crosses and ships his milk to Organic Valley.

Rick Segalla (NODPA Board, CT): farms in Canaan, Ct and has been involved with NODPA since 2001. He has been certified organic since 1999, milks 100 Holsteins, and ships his milk to Organic Valley.

Craig Russell (NODPA Board, VT): Craig farms in Brookfield and Randolph Center, VT, has shipped organic milk since 2006, and has been involved with NODPA since then. He and his wife Angela have 3 children. Their milk is marketed through Organic Valley. They currently milk 50 cows and are raising 70 replacements to slowly grow back the herd. Both Craig and Angela have a BA in accounting and Angela is a CPA. Angela also markets organic beef, chicken and turkey under the Brotherly Farm organic label, and is a huge advocate for the farm to school program.

Morven Allen (NODPA Board, MA): Morven has been certified organic for seven years and milks 230 cows of every breed. He farms 1100 acres in Massachusetts and New York. He currently ships milk to Organic Valley has two full time employees and two part-time employees. He is assisted by his 15 year-old son and has been involved with NODPA for many years. u