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NOFA-NY 2010 Organic Dairy Questionnaire

By Pam Moore

Dairy farmers, I’ve been asked to write an article for NOFA-NY about the affects of the “organic milk surplus.” Your responses will remain confidential unless you give permission to use your name. Thank you for contributing to the article. You can print out this page, or download and print out a PDF document thats located at bottom of page.

  1. How has the organic milk “oversupply” that began in the winter of 2008/2009 impacted your dairy farm? Are you doing anything differently to manage any impacts?

  2. -- Did your milk handler implement any supply management measures, such as milk quotas or reduction recommendations? YES NO
    -- Did your farm exceed any production limitations requested by your handler? YES NO
    -- If so, were you paid less for the overproduction? YES NO
    -- What were you paid?
  3. Did your milk handler ask you to renegotiate or prematurely renew your contract for less favorable terms?
    YES NO
    -- If so, did your farm do so? YES NO
  4. How confident are you in the long-term availability and stability of your current organic milk market?
  5. If this organic milk “surplus” situation is not resolved by June of 2011 do you anticipate having to make changes in your operation? YES NO
    -- If so, in what way(s)?

  6. Do you support the supply management efforts your milk handler made, or are there alternative measures you wish they had considered? YES NO
    -- Describe alternatives:


  7. In what way(s) do you anticipate that the new pasture requirements in the USDA Organic Standards will impact your dairy farm? What changes, if any, will you be making to accommodate these new requirements?




Name ___________________________________________________________________

Farm town/state ___________________________________________________________

May I use your name in the article? YES NO

Phone number _____________________________________________________________

Email Address: _____________________________________________________________

Want to see and comment on draft of article by email? YES NO

Milk Handler: ______________________________________________________________

Current Certifier ____________________________________________________________

Dairy Certified Organic since ___________________________________________________

# years in Transition _________________________________________________________

Did you transition dairy cattle using the 80/20 rule? YES NO

# Cows Milked in 2009 _______________________________________________________

Raise own Heifers? __________________________________________________________

Total Farm Acres ______ Pasture Acres ______ (total grazeable)

Grow all own feed? YES NO
If not, what’s purchased? _____________________________________________________

Crops grown _________________________________________________________________________

# Family Members ___________________________________________________________

# Family Members working farm ________________________________________________

How long has your farm been in business? _________________________________________

Does your farm include other enterprises besides the dairy? YES NO
If yes, what? _________________________________________________________________________

Do you direct market any farm products? YES NO
If yes, any dairy products? Please describe: _________________________________________________________________________

Please return survey to:
Moore Farms, 2083 Moore Hill Road, Nichols NY 13812

Attached File: