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NODPA’s Pasture Rule Online Resources for Dairy Producers

Let Them Eat Grass!
NODPA’s Pasture Rule Resource Page, right here on this web site.

NODPA dedicates this page to de-mystifying the NOP Pasture Rule and providing resources that are easy to understand and very accessible. This resource page includes the NOP Pasture Rule, Frequently Asked Questions, a Fact Sheet summarizing the changes to the NOP Pasture Rule, and useful articles and worksheets to help producers, certifiers and resource professionals with the necessary documentation, record keeping and dry matter calculations.

Find out where your milk came from!

Did you know different brands of milk often come from the same dairy - and the same cows? Often, the same dairy provides milk for store and brand names, only differentiating them by their label! Most dairy products, especially milk have a state and plant code.

2010 Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Guide for Organic Dairies

This guide provides an outline of practices for the management of external arthropod pests such as flies, lice, mites and grubs on organic dairy farms. Left uncontrolled, these pests negatively impact animal health and production.

The organic dairy IPM guide is 39 pages long and comes in 2 versions; one for viewing on screen and one for potential printing. Both can be downloaded for free from the following website address:

Workshop Recordings:
Dr. Paul Detloff, from NOFA-MASS Winter Seminar, Feb 2-3, 2010

In early February, Dr. Paul Detloff, staff veterinarian for Organic Valley Cooperative, gave a 2-day workshop as a NOFA-MASS Winter Seminar. There, he covered the links between soil health and animal health, effective organic methods for treating animals, techniques for predicting the quality and quantity of a cow’s milk through observation of the hair, and means of mitigating the negative effects of stray currents on herd health. An article about this informative workshop is included in the NOFA-MASS February Newsletter and workshop audio files and presentations are available for viewing and FREE download from the following website address:

Understanding Organics’ Conference & Workshop
Proceedings, Presentations

From February 2007 until October 2009, NOFA Vermont and Cornell University’s Quality Milk Production Services worked together in organizing events to advance the learning for extension, veterinarians and other professionals working with organic dairy farmers. Conference proceedings, power point presentations and related handouts can be found on the NOFA Vermont website. Presentations included topics on udder health and milk quality, animal welfare, parasite management, soil health and growing quality forages, grazing management and nutritional benefits of pasture, plus general and advanced presentations on livestock health including the use of herbs, probiotics, biologics, and homeopathy. All resources are available for free download from the following website address:

Grazing System Videos

The link below takes you to some cool videos that South Carolina NRCS did with the University of SC to build strong awareness and how-to levels of conservation practices used on grazing systems. The first video does more promotion of prescribed grazing, the remainder of the videos are more of a “how to” type narrative.
(see instructions on the video)