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Livestock Health

Hardy Livestock in the Land of Ice, Snow and Freezing Wind - by Dr Will Winter - January 2008

On Fly Control, by Liz Bawden – November 2007

Homeopathic Treatments on the Farm by Jayne Chase – November 2006

Keeping Cows Healthy On Organic Dairies by Linda Tikofsky, DVM – August 2006

Environmental Mastitis, part 3 of 3 by Ruth Zadocks, DVM – November 2004

Environmental Mastitis, part 2 of 3 by Ruth Zadocks, DVM – August 2004

Environmental Mastitis, part 1 of 3 by Ruth Zadoks, DVM – May 2004

Dear Jim (Herpes on Teats) – May 2004

ODAIRY: Drying off Cows - February 2004

Pneumonia Menace by Dr Hubert Karreman – February 2004

Dear Jim - (Respiratory Illness) - by Jim Gardiner, February 2004

Dear Jim (parasites) by Jim Gardiner – November 2003

Alternative Medicine for Ruminants (notes from 2001 Acres Conference presentation with Dr Paul Detloff) by Lisa McCrory – May 2003

Some Thoughts on Holisitic or Alternative Veterinary Medicine Part 2, by Dr Richard Holliday – February 2003

Some Thoughts on Holistic or Alternative Veterinary Medicine Part 1, by Dr Richard Holliday – November 2002

(W)holistic Animal Husbandry - by Jerry Brunetti, 2002

Homeopathy on the Farm - by Anne Lazor, Butterworks Farm, 2001


Ecological Control of Pasture Flies, by Fay Benson, Cornell Cooperative Extension.
Added May, 2008.

Why Feed Supplemental Protein to a Cow on Pasture? by Darrell Emmick– August 2007

Measuring 30% DM from Pasture, by Lisa McCrory

Pastures of Plenty: Financial Performance of Wisconsin Grazing Dairy Farms, Feb. 05 (pdf)

Forage & Grains

Japanese Millet and Camelina: New Crops on our Farm - by Brent Beidler – January 2008

Thoughts on Winter Feeding - by Karen Hoffman – November 2007

Forage Field Day at Stoltzfus Farm - by Lisa McCrory – November 2007

Winter Grain Research in Maine - by Rick Kersbergen, Tim Griffin, Tom Molloy – August 2007

A Farmers Breeding Club in Vemont – August 2007

Managing Immature and Frosted Corn Silage by Dr Heather Darby – November 2006

Emergency Forages After the Floods by Rick Kersbergen – February 2006

Seeding Pastures and Fields This Spring by Rick Kersbergen – February 2006

What’s the Value of High Quality Forage? By Nat Bacon – August 2005

Frost Seeding: A Cheap Alternative to Improve Pastures by Dr Heather Darby – February 2005

Fenugreek; an Ancient Forage with a New Twist by Dr Heather Darby – February 2004

No-bloat Legume a Welcome Alternative for Northeast Pastures by Dr Heather Darby – November 2003

Soil Health

Nutrient Availability and Soil Tests by Klaas Martens

Organic Soil Fertility Management by Klaas and Mary-Howell Martens – November 2005

Parasite Management

Integrated Parasite Management for Organic Dairy Cattle, by Dr Ann Wells – May 2005

Sustainable Management of Internal Parasites in Ruminants, by Dr Ann Wells – February 2005

Livestock Genetics

Crossbreeding Studies - Update from Moorepark by Frank Buckley

Economics of Production

Preliminary Summary of 2007 Economic Results in Vermont, by Bob Parsons (November, 2008)

A Comparative Analysis of Organic Dairy Farms in Maine and Vermont: Farm Financial Information from 2004 - 2006 by Timothy Dalton, Robert Parsons, Richard Kersbergen, Glenn Rogers, Dennis Kauppila, Lisa McCrory, Lisa A. Bragg, Quingbin Wang (July 2008)

Economics of Organic Dairy Production in the Northeast, by Lisa McCrory, Bob Parsons and Richard Kersbergen, May 2007 NODPA News

Summary of Economic Studies of Organic Dairy Farming in Wisconsin, New England, and Quebec By Tom Kriegl (March 20, 2006)

Nat Bacon's Sample Transitioning Budget, 2004 (link is to a MS Excel file, xls)

"An Economic Comparison of Organic and Conventional Dairy Production, and Estimations on the Cost of Transitioning to Organic Production" By Lisa McCrory, NOFA-VT, 2001