cows in field

Message from the NODPA Co-President

By Liz Bawden, NODPA Board Co-President

Every year we plan on how we can make the most of our pastures and keep the cows more comfortable in these hotter and drier days we call the “summer slump”. I look over our list of actions for this year; no-till in seed on a few weak areas of the permanent pasture; apply manure to other pastures; extend the pasture for heifers; clip off the over-mature growth. And it’s still a season of excess: too hot, too many flies, and slow regrowth. It’s great weather for hay making; not so much for pasture growing. We are paying even more attention to our pastures these days since we began our transition to grassfed production back in the spring. My hat is off to those of you that have mastered this level of grazing on your farms!

That’s just one of the reasons I am looking forward to NODPA’s Annual Field Days in Middlebury, Vermont in September! You will see more information on the presenters, farm field trips and schedule in this newsletter. It will be great to reconnect with everyone who can make it there. Hope to see you in September.