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The 23rd NODPA Field Days, Evangelical Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall 200 E. Logan Street, Reedsville, PA 17084 September 28 & 29, 2023

Farming with Financial Clarity, Confidence and Optimism (Without Digging the Hole Any Deeper)

Alvin Peachey’s Saddlers Run Farm, Allensville, PA

All producers want to feel confident and optimistic about their farming operations but they don’t always, given their current challenges. The 23rd Annual NODPA Field Days, titled Farming with Financial Clarity, Confidence and Optimism (Without Digging the Hole Any Deeper), is all about acknowledging those challenges and offering strategies to realistically plan for your future.

We are excited to announce that Ted LeBow, the co-founder and managing partner at Kitchen Table Consultants and Taste Profit Marketing, Bala Cynwyd, PA, will be our keynote speaker. Ted LeBow says that he and his team have worked with hundreds of farmers over the last 15 years who come to them feeling stuck. Sometimes they wonder why they are making a profit but are always strapped for cash. Others tell them they are drowning under quarterly losses or that the bank won't give them the financing they need to operate. “One of the main drawbacks for improving profits is rooted in a lack of focus on the financial side of their business, so they can't see what they can do to fix the situation,” he notes. In his talk, Ted will show you how important, easy and rewarding a focus on financials can be.

Continuing with a focus on the financial and decision-making side of business, this year’s educational program will include workshops on the Foundations of Profitability in Organic Dairy, with Alvin Peachey focusing on the key principles of profitability, from understanding the role of soil and animal health to important decision-making, and the practical implication of those principles. Alvin Peachey is an Amish organic dairy farmer and Keystone Bio-Ag consultant from central Pennsylvania. Over the course of more than a decade, Alvin has grown his operation to 90 100% grass-fed cows on 92 acres, implementing regenerative practices that flip the script of the status quo for dairy farmers.

Roman Stoltzfoos will present the 6 Principles of Soil Health, with a focus on where profit comes from and how to increase it every year. Roman Stoltzfoos, an early advocate for organic production started his organic journey in 1987 and was one of the first four organic milk producers in the country. He is a senior partner in his family’s Springwood Dairy and owner of Springwood Poultry in Kinzer, PA. Roman remains an active and leading voice in organic production.

Dr. Cynthia Lankenau, DVM will focus on how holistic cow care is a key component in your farm’s success. Dr. Lankenau is a holistic mixed animal veterinarian who is the owner operator of the Holistic Center For Veterinary Care, Colden, N.Y. She graduated from Cornell’s College of Veterinary Medicine and is certified in acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic and herbal medicine. Since 1991, she has been exclusively using alternative modalities. Dr. Lankenau is an internationally renowned veterinary herbal medicine and homeopathic specialist who enthusiastically shares her vast knowledge with all her audiences.

A panel of farmers, moderated by Ted LeBow, will discuss what profitability looks like on their farms, and will include the challenges and opportunities they each face every day as they strive for a balanced lifestyle and successful farm.

This year’s NODPA Field Days will be located in central Pennsylvania, at the Evangelical Lutheran Church Fellowship Hall, 200 East Logan Street, Reedsville, PA. The educational program begins on Thursday following registration and lunch. There is a pre-meeting farm tour at David Peachey’s farm in Bellville, PA, for those arriving by Thursday morning. Following Friday’s educational program and lunch, we will travel to Alvin Peachey’s farm, Allensville, PA where he will showcase how he puts the foundations of profitability in organic dairy into practice.

There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with old friends and to meet and learn from new ones. During Thursday’s Social Hour, everyone can visit the trade show, made up of the NODPA Field Days Sponsors and Supporters. Over refreshments, you can learn all about the products and services that they offer to enhance your business.

There will be an awesome local catering team serving delicious homegrown and homemade food for your enjoyment, including Thursday’s banquet, which will be followed by Ted LeBow’s keynote presentation.

There will be much more information in the coming months, especially in the July NODPA News and online, Information for sponsors and supporters, including trade show information will be going out by mid-May. If you’d like information beforehand, or if you have any other questions, please contact Nora Owens, NODPA Field Days Coordinator, at 413-772-0444 or at

For now, mark your calendars and plan to join us for the 23rd NODPA Field Days on Thursday and Friday, September 28th and 29th! Remember, it’s never too early to look for lodging if you are coming from a distance. You will receive better rates and have more options, too. There are hotels in Reedsville and surrounding communities, and there are a number of Air BnB’s in the area, too.