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Live music at the 23rd Annual NODPA Field Days!

Jeff Corle: From Cows to Country Music

We are pleased to announce that Jeff Corle will be performing on Thursday, September 28th at 2:45, and will be available to meet and greet everyone during the Social Hour. Read all about Jeff, below, and come to hear him live at the NODPA Field Days in Reedsville, PA.

Jeff Corle: From Cows to Country Music

After economic factors beyond his control forced him to shutter his dairy farm and sell his beloved Guernsey cows, Jeff Corle, a 4th generation dairy farmer, was left heartbroken and depressed, having no idea what he would do next in life.

In the midst of his heartache and pain, Corle turned to an old friend for comfort - his guitar, and through tears he channeled that heartache and pain into what would become the viral sensation, Empty Barn.

The success of Empty Barn garnered Corle national media attention, legions of new fans and a totally unexpected new career as an independent music artist and speaker. With thousands of downloads, thousands of streams and over 125k YouTube views, Corle’s unlikely tale of going from cows to country music has also given him a platform to shine a spotlight on the plight of small family farmers and the mental health crisis many are facing in these challenging times.

Jeff Corle is a gifted storyteller, a wonderful singer-songwriter, and an incredible entertainer. He’s a farmer and an artist who has something to say and isn’t afraid to say it. Listen to Empty Barns here: