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- Small square bales: 1st cutting $5 per bale
- Small square bales: 2nd cutting $6 per bale
- Small square bale bedding or mulch hay at $3 per bale
- Large square bales 3’ x 3’ x 7’ 1st cutting grass hay at $75 per bale

-Round bales 4’x5’ twine wrapped 1st cutting dry grass hay at $40
-Round bales 4’x4.5’ net wrapped 3rd cutting dry grass hay (wrapped) at $50
-Round baleage 4’x4’ line wrapped 3rd cutting from 2022 at $35

All hay is stored under cover or wrapped. Forage tests available. We ship throughout the east coast and have multiple delivery quantities or pickup at the farm. Samples available. Marz Farm, 3624 Wilson Creek Rd, Berkshire NY. Call/text Tony Marzolino at 315-378-5180 or see ADDED: 1-23-23
Location: NY Southern Tier between Binghamton and Ithaca in Tioga County

FOR SALE: Organic haylage: 1st cut 15.5% $55.00 a ton; 1st cut 13.5% $45.00 a ton; 3rd cut 17.9% $65.00 a ton. Contact Kari Lussier,, 802-537-2435. ADDED 1-6-23
Location: Benson, VT

FOR SALE:: NOFA-NY Certified Organic BALEAGE. 2021 Crop. 1st Cut Orchard/Timothy, Alfalfa/grass, and Grass. 2nd Cut Grass. All 4x4 Round Bales. Also Organic BEDDING HAY. 4x4½ Rd Bales. Contact Jeff @ or 607-566-8477 ADDED 12/31/22
Location: Avoca, NY (Steuben County)

FOR SALE: 200 4x4 Dry 2nd cut bales for sale $50 a bale store in a tube. Raymond E Tardif,, 802-309-9152 ADDED: 11/1/22
Location: Swanton, VT

FOR SALE: NOFA VT Certified Organic Baleage, approximately 180 bales, with about 120 of them processed. Early first cut done, the last week of May and the first week of June. You can respond to this ad in a text or email, and I can send you Dairy One forage test results. Mixed mostly grass with some clover. Contact Jeremy Russo, 802-236-1920, ADDED 10/27/22.

Location: North Rupert, VT

FOR SALE: Dry hay, NOFA NY certified. 4x4 net wrapped round bales. 180 bales available. Contact Matt by email at or call (585) 593-4020. ADDED: 8/7/22
Location: Wellsville, NY

FOR SALE: Organic dry grass hay net-wrapped 4X5 round bales. Organic early cut grass baleage 4X4 individually wrapped bales. Delivery from Ithaca, NY by seller in NYS or arranged for other states. Call Carl at 607-275-1647 or e-mail Added 7/17/22
Location: Central NY

FOR SALE: Certified Organic dry square and round baled hay for sale. Email or call for prices: Raymond E Tardif,, 802-309-9152. ADDED: 7/6/22
Location: Swanton, VT

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