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20th Annual NODPA Field Days Postponed until 2021

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, the Annual NODPA Field Days at Wolfe’s Neck Farm, Freeport ME, has been postponed until 2021

For the first time in the 20 years of hosting the NODPA Field Days, NODPA announces that the Annual NODPA Field Days will be postponed until September, 2021. Despite their unending optimism, the NODPA Board and Representatives have determined that it is not a safe time to bring together a geographically and age-diverse group of farmers and farm families, trade show representatives, presenters, sponsors and supporters in order to hold the 20th Annual NODPA Field Days in Maine. “However, since we remain committed to delivering an educational program, we are working on a hybrid program that will be both in print, in a special 20th Annual NODPA Field Days Supplement in the September NODPA News, and on the NODPA website. While many organizations are opting for an online, virtual, and sometimes live, conference formats, we recognize that our members and Field Day participants are not all electronically connected, so this hybrid format will be accessible for everyone,” said Liz Bawden, NODPA Board Co-President. Watch this page for educational program updates.