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NOSB meeting next week in snowy Vermont

The NOSB meeting will be held at the Stoweflake Conference Center, 1746 Mountain Road, Stowe,
Vermont 05672 and starts on Monday, October 26, 2015 at 9:00 am and runs to Thursday, October 29, 2015, ending at 6:00pm. The National Organic Coalition (NOC) will hold its pre-NOSB meeting on Sunday October 25 at the Conference Center – starting at 9:30 and running until about 5:00 pm. These meetings are an ideal time to hear from colleagues around the country with passionate and varied opinions.

NODPA has presented written comments on Parasiticides, Procaine, Mineral Oil and Lidocaine. NODPA also supports the comments presented by the National Organic Coalition including their position on hydroponic systems, “Until a clear definition and guidelines based on the 2010 NOSB recommendation have been provided by the NOP, certifiers should not be allowed to certify hydroponic systems. Certifiers need to be directed as to which soilless systems may be certified, and which do not meet the criteria and are not eligible for organic certification. NOC urges the NOP to write “NOP Instruction to Certifiers” that leads to Rulemaking. The instruction should include clear criteria that follow the NOSB 2010 recommendation, and adhere to the definition of organic production presented in the Rule.”
NODPA has commented on the withholding time on different drugs which seemed to have an arbitrary withdrawal time and recommended reducing it to 5 days for Fenbenzadole and Moxidectin, and sun-setting Ivermectin. Lidocaine and Procaine are used as local anesthetic and we have recommended reducing the withdrawal time to 48 hours, and also recommend the continued use of mineral oil, topically.

Taking the time to ensure that we have a scientific basis for the use and withdrawal time of different drugs will benefit organic livestock producers, so NODPA fully supports the NOSB’s work on these issues.

To read NODPA’s comments sent to the NOSB see bottom

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