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  • Monitoring and Planning Your Forage Grazing System
    By Troy Bishopp
    Added September 12, 2011. MORE >
  • Can Forage Mixtures Improve Productivity
    of Grazing Dairy Cows? Part 1
    By Kathy Soder, Sarah Goslee, and Matt Sanderson
    Added June 6, 2011. MORE >
  • Will you invest management time in your roots?
    By Troy Bishopp
    Added June 6, 2011. MORE >
  • Meeting the Pasture Rule Requirements:
    Record keeping resources for the grazing season
    By Lisa McCrory
    Added June 6, 2011. MORE >
  • Transitioning Organic Cows On Pasture
    By Karen Hoffman, USDA Natural Resources Conservation
    Service with some additions by Rick Kersbergen UMaine
    Cooperative Extension
    Added April 6, 2011. MORE >
  • Thinking About Frost Seeding?
    By Dr. Darrell Emmick
    Added March 9, 2011. MORE >
  • Sizing Up Pastures
    By Dr. Hubert Karreman
    Added January 17, 2011. MORE >
  • How's and the Why's of the Pasture Rule
    by David Johnson, NODPA Vice President
    Added January 15, 2011. MORE >
  • 10 Steps to Calculate Dry Matter Intake
    from Pasture---It’s Not So Difficult!
    By Harriet Behar
    Added September, 2010. MORE >
  • Maintaining Healthy, Productive Pastures
    By Neal Kinsey
    Added July, 2010. MORE >
  • Educated Cows Eat Weeds
    By Kathy Voth
    Added June 5, 2010. If you’re tired of spending time and money to manage the same weeds year after year, here’s some good news. The solution may already be grazing in your pasture! Teach them to eat weeds. MORE >
  • Diet Selection & Grazing Behavior
    by Kathy Soder, USDA-ARS, University Park, PA
    Added October 1, 2009. MORE >
  • Climate Policy for Agriculture that Works:
    Ensuring that America’s Organic Farmers are Part of the Solution
    By Meredith Niles, Cool Foods Campaign Coordinator, Center for Food Safety
    Added August 1, 2009. MORE >
  • Plant Biodiversity
    Livestock Farmacy and Pantry
    By Jerry Brunetti
    Added July 1, 2009. MORE >
  • (Almost) Year Round Grazing in the Northeast
    Added August 9, 2008. Mary-Howell and Klaas Martens of Lakeview Organic Grain in Penn Yan, NY, outline how you can establish a balanced rotational pasture system that will allow you to feed your cows almost year 'round, and buy less of that expensive organic grain. MORE >
  • Strategies For Extending The Grazing Season
    Added August 3, 2008. We are all hoping that the grazing season lasts at least another 80 days; the longer we can stall the need to start digging into our stored feeds the better. Dr. Heather Darby, UVM Extention has written a very useful article on extend the grazing season through stockpiling feed or planting fall annuals for grazing. Now is the time to put these plans into action. MORE >
  • Molasses Makes Milk and Money!
    An Alternative to High-priced Grain
    Added July 29, 2008. It’s no secret to anybody in the dairy industry that grain prices are currently high, both organic and conventional. The multiple reasons for it include everything from floods to ethanol to the laws of supply and demand. The question everybody is asking is “what can we do?” Learn more >
  • Methane Production in Grassfed Livestock
    Added March 13, 2009. Learn more >