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NODPA’s Mission:

To enable organic dairy family farmers, situated across an extensive area, to have informed discussion about matters critical to the well being of the organic dairy industry as a whole.

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Payprice Summary Chart: 2006 to 2013

Download a copy of our summary chart comparing payprice for Organic Valley and Horizon over time.

Organic Milk, Pay,
Retail and Feed Prices September 2018

Added September 7, 2018.

Sales of organic milk at retail are holding steady against increased competition from plant based beverages which lack the nutrition of milk but are easier for manufacturers to source supply and control costs of inputs.

For the full report please go to:

Pay Price September 2018

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Ten years ago NODPA was formed in response to a threat of a drop in milk price. In 2014 NODPA is the only organization whose mission is to represent the interest of organic dairy producers no matter who they sell their milk to.

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Forage and Grains

Added Sept 10, 2018.

Dry Hay, Baleage, Straw, Dairy/Dry cow quality, 4x4 rounds. Cleaned Organic Triticale and Rye in bulk sacks. Corn, Roasted Soybeans at harvest. Delivery from Northern PA available. Dave Johnson 570-772-6095 Location: Northern PA


Added Sept 10, 2018.

5 Jersey cows for sale. 3 of the 5 are fresh in the last 30 days. The last two are due end of July then August. Any questions call or email, Lazaro Gonzalez 802-755-6301 lazaro@WILDCUDFARMS.COM Location: Northern Vermont

A "green border" registered Jersey breeding bull for sale. Born 8/30/16. A++++ milking and breeding genetics (can provide full pedigree). From certified organic farm located in Georgia, VT. $700.00. Email or call 802-582-9026. Location: Northern VT

Cows For Sale: Looking to sell my herd of beef cows as well as 2 milking cows. All are 100% grass fed and organically managed although not certified organic. All are in excellent condition and health. You can check them out on our farm Facebook page: NewEnglandHeritageFarm
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September 13, 2018, Thursday, 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Pasture to Plate: Grassfed Cheese
Clover Creek Cheese Cellar
5161 Clover Creek Road, Williamsburg [Blair County], PA 16693

September 19, 2018
Southeast PA Graziers’ Full day Meeting with Alan Savory
Martindale Center, 352 Martindale Road, Ephrata, PA 17522

September 21-23, 2018 – Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Common Ground Country Fair
MOFGA’s Common Ground Education Center, Unity.

September 22, 2018, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Management Intensive Grazing for the Diversified Farm,
Earthwise Farm & Forest, 341 McIntosh Hill Road, Bethel, VT

Advance Notice:
December 2 – 5, 2018
7th National Grazing Lands Conference: Taking the Gamble out of Grazing
Peppermill Resort and Casino, Reno, NV

Janet Martin serving Trickling Springs Ice Cream at their Drive-Thru Farm Stand.

Featured Farm:
Peace Hollow Farm, Knoxville, Maryland

Peace Hollow Farm is the site of the 2018 NODPA Field Days' first farm tour on Thursday, September 27th, 8:30 am. Myron and Janet Martin and their employee, Daniel Hughes, farm in Pleasant Valley- a mile wide valley in Washington County, Maryland bound by the Appalachian Trail to the east, the Potomac River to the south, and Elk Ridge to the west. They milk a herd of 80 bull-bred cows. Originally a Holstein herd, the cows have been crossed with Jersey, Montbeliarde, Flekveih, and Meuse-Rhine-Yssel (MRY).

Read this updated featured farm article ahead of the NODPA Field Days, here.

2018 NODPA Field Days

Tools for Survival: Weathering the Current Dairy Crisis While Maintaining Organic Integrity

September 27 & 28, 2018

Yarrowsburg Mennonite Church
2142 Rohrersville Road
Knoxville, Maryland 21758

Tools are used by farmers every day to make their farms work. These days, with an oversupply of milk and historically low milk prices, farmers continue to reach for all of their tools to do the best jobs they can under difficult financial circumstances. At the 18th Annual NODPA Field Days, we will be providing reliable tools and practical strategies to help farmers weather the current dairy crisis without sacrificing organic integrity. In order to keep a solid focus on maintaining the integrity of the organic label we have invited Mark Kastel as our keynote speaker. Mark, the co- founder of the Cornucopia Institute, will present The Crisis in the Organic Dairy Movement: History, Analysis, and What Farmers Can Do to Balance the Playing Field. Read more for all the details.

NODPA is offering an early-bird rate for those who register by Wednesday, September 19th. You can pay in advance or on-site but you MUST sign up by phone, email or mail to receive the lower rate.
Contact: 413-772-0444,
NODPA, 30 Keets Road, Deerfield, MA 01342

The Crisis in the Organic Dairy Movement

Farmers and Consumers, Working Together, Can Reestablish Economic Justice

A commentary by Mark Kastel, Co-founder, The Cornucopia Institute

Who owns the organic label? We all do. And even if you are not milking cows, the integrity of organic dairy products should be important to you. Not just as an organic consumer but because, after produce, dairy is the second-largest industry sector and directly impacts many other workers and businesses (grain and hay suppliers, feed mills, veterinarians, truck drivers, plant workers, etc.). It's billions of dollars in organic commerce. And for many consumers, it's a "gateway" product, bringing organic food into their homes for the first time as their children age out of breastfeeding.

Read the whole article here.

From the NODPA Desk: July 2018

By Ed Maltby, NODPA Executive Director. September, 2018

The NODPA Field Days and Annual meeting are this month and feature two farm tours, a keynote speech from Mark Kastel of the Cornucopia Institute and workshops which we hope will provide some ideas about how to survive in this unhealthy economic climate. Times are tough for all organic dairy operations but the toughest for those that have high overhead and limited opportunities to diversify their income stream. The Field Day workshops will show how to develop an understanding of the economics of farm operations to be able to make clear decisions about the best use of limited income and making decisions around refinancing long and short term debt. We hope to see as many as possible of you at the Field Days and get your opinions about what NODPA's next priorities are for the work in 2019.

Read the whole article here.

Analyzing Your Dairy Profits

Dale M. Johnson, Farm Management Specialist, University of Maryland Extension

Due to unexpected family responsibilities, Sarah Flack is unable to attend this year's NODPA Field Days. We are fortunate to have Farm Management Specialist Dale Johnson step in and lead the NODPA Field Days workshop, Money Matters: Demystifying Financial Recordkeeping to Improve your Farm's Decision Making Capacity and Bottom Line.

What price are you getting for a hundred pounds of organic milk? If you are like most dairy farmers, you know the price or you can get it quickly by reviewing milk check receipts. But do you know how much profit you make per cow? If you are like many dairy farmers, you may not know. Your acreage or dairy facilities limit the number of cows you can milk, so maximizing your profits per cow determines your standard of living and viability. This article explains how to calculate your profit per cow per year. By analyzing your income, expenses, and profit per cow, you can benchmark your farm against other farms to determine your strengths and weaknesses. This article will show you the average of seven organic farms that I work with that you can compare your farm to.

Read the whole article here.

Weeds or Forbs?

By Jeffrey Semler, Extension Educator, University of Maryland Extension-Washington County, a part of the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (AGNR), University of Maryland

It is often said the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and nowhere is this truer than in the pasture. By definition, a weed is an unwanted plant or a plant out of place. To many livestock producers, a weed is any plant other than grass.

Read the whole article here.


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